The History of the Party Balloon

Balloons are one of the most common additions to any gathering or celebration; you can find them at wedding receptions, children’s birthday parties, work-related parties, and even at Christmas. But is there a reason to why we use balloons as a form of celebration?

Has it been a result of a gradual introduction, or was it something that was a spur of the moment and it has stuck as part of tradition? Well, we at Fill N’ Away love everything balloon related, so we will delve into the history of the party balloon.

Hot air balloons

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Handling Helium: Health & Safety

Non-flammable and non-toxic, helium balloon gas doesn’t react with other elements in normal conditions. Even so, knowing how to properly handle helium is essential, as it can lead to errors in judgement and fatal situations due to someone not realising its potential dangers.

As helium is used in many everyday situations, proper care and handling of helium containers is vital.

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Event Planning: Important Things You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

No matter what event you’re planning, it’s important to cover every base. Usually, you will have some form of checklist to work from to ensure that you’re making all the right decisions and planning the right things.

However, even checklists can miss off some vital aspects to plan – have you got these on your list?

Maneger's conversations at the lunch

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A Balloon for Every Occasion

We are now in the new year, which is a great time to get yourself organised, whether that be in your job or in your personal life. This year could be a year where a lot of celebrations are in order!

At Fill N’ Away, we specialise in providing people across the UK with high quality helium gas canisters, whether they are needed for an office party or for any other celebration. However, you don’t need balloons just for that! Balloons can be used for every occasion and we know exactly what ones they are!

Office with a man holding a balloon

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How Is Helium Used in Everyday Situations?

Helium is the second most abundant element in our Universe; it accounts for roughly a quarter of the amount of visible matter that is present in space, from stars and nebulae to galaxies and planetary atmospheres.

However, on Earth, it isn’t the same story; helium is rather hard to come by, as it has to be collected from the atmosphere, through radioactive decay, or from natural gas. But how is helium used in everyday situations?

Girl with a red heart balloon

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Three Creative Ways to Use Balloons at Your Christmas Party

Whether you’re having a winter wedding or planning a wonderful Christmas party, balloons are a fun and inexpensive decoration item. Various colours and designs let you compose your own Christmas ornaments and decorations for a joyful party. Christmas is, after all, all about having fun and spending quality time with your loved ones!

Your party will stand out with the use of balloons, which instantly make both children and adults smile and have more fun.


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Why Does Helium Do That To My Voice?


So I’m sure you’d agree that taking a big breath of helium makes your voice sound hilarious. But have you ever questioned why that happens and whether the rumours of it being harmful to you are really true?

I bet you thought that the gas altered the pitch of your voice, when in fact it changes the ‘timbre’, so when you think you’re hearing a higher pitch, listen carefully and your voice has altered to more like Donald Ducks. To begin to comprehend why this happens, it would be helpful to understand how our vocal cords work and how helium modifies them.

Colorful balloons of party in holiday - Vintage pastel tone
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How Will Helium Be Used in the Future?

Helium is an element that is used all over the world; it is used in balloons from as small as those used at birthday parties, to those as large as blimps across the world. It is also used in science to cool certain elements and machines in order to change how they work.

However, with science becoming more advanced every day, helium is being used for other purposes too. So, how will it be used in the future?

Blue glowing future technology

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How Many Helium Balloons Does It Take To Lift…? [Infographic]

Join us with our helium-filled balloons as we take you on a journey.

Have you ever wondered how many helium balloons it takes to lift a human being? Or perhaps a house just like in Up? Or maybe the largest mammal on Earth – the blue whale? Well, wonder no more! Check out our spectacular infographic and find out how many helium balloons it would take to lift a loaf of bread or even a car – it’s time for us to fly away.

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Four Creative Ways to Use Balloons at Your Wedding

Balloons generally conjure up the image of a child’s birthday party – a flustered entertainer skilfully twisting them into different animals for an eager audience. However, they’ve recently become a very popular addition to wedding decor.

Balloons are associated with happy and fun events, so why not use them on the happiest day of your life? After all is a party really a party without balloons?

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